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By | May 1, 2021

Quicken is one of the oldest and famous system software that has helped millions of people to organize their finance in a better way than before. It was launched in 1983 and it change the way people organized their finance as it allowed people to make budget on the computer and record their transactions on a computer for the first time.

Now as the time has changed so the requirements of people also changed and these apps and software has updated them with time. But with the passage of time Quicken is not the only one in the market now. Many companies has launched their software and apps that are helping people in managing their financial issues. So today we will discuss about some of the alternatives to Quicken and their features. Although it is been a long time that Quicken is in business but many other companies are also now giving competition to Quicken developers.

So let’s start,


YNAB stands for You Need a Budget. YNAB was founded by a college student in 2004. You Need a Budget basically emphasis on three main points. The first one is to stop living from paycheck to paycheck, 2nd is to get out of debt as soon as you can and the last one is to save money. These points are the main theme of this site and the site helps you to achieve them. You can make an effective budget here by which you will be able to complete your month with in your paycheck. One of the difference of this site from others is that they help you plan for unexpected expenses and budget fails so that if you come across with one you can easily tackle them. By their effective plans you will be able to get out of debt and would be on the track of saving money. You can take a trail of one month for free and then you have to pay a fee of $7 per month.

2- Mint

Mint is another famous financial app with 15 million users around the globe. This site helps people to make and organize a budget, track the spending and categorize it. You can check your credit scores and your investment on this site. Basically the main theme of the site is to enable you to manage all your accounts on a single place. Mint is a very user friendly website with a number of features and one of the best thing about Mint is that it is completely free and you won’t have to pay any fee for any feature. One of the things that you would have to face is that you would have a lot of ads on this website as the only way of income for them is the ads and the services you get from the ads.

3- Tiller

Tiller is another simple financial app that helps you to organize your income and spending in a simple way. This site was also known as Tiller Money and is in business since 2014. You just have to link your bank accounts and other accounts with Tiller and then it will automatically track your transactions on a spreadsheet. This is a very easy method of organizing your expenses. On Tiller you will have to pay a fee of $59 per year but you can take a trail of this site for a month for free.

4- Personal Capital

Personal capital is one of the famous app nowadays people use to manage their finance. Personal Capital is in business since 2009. This is a multi-function software that comes with many features at the same time. This software enables you to manage your all the accounts at the same time on one place. This is a very user friendly platform where you can track your all accounts like credit cards, bank accounts, loan accounts and investing accounts.

On this site you can check your net worth and check your assets at any time. You can make a budget for yourself and track all your spending on this site for free. All these features are absolutely free and the only fee you have to pay is for the wealth management feature that enables you to manage the investment accounts and the fee is 0.89%. But if you have more than one million in your investment account then your fee decreases.

5- Every Dollar

Another alternative to Quicken in this year is Every Dollar that was developed by the team of famous finance expert Dave Ramsey. You can make budget online and you can also set a goals according to the famous Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps. According to the website you can make a budget in only 10 minutes and you can zero sum budget which says that you must appoint every dollar a job and when you complete your budget there must be nothing left. This does not means that you should waste money but it says that there must be no dollar left to waste and you should put some amount in the savings section, some in the emergency fund and rest in the other sections.

You will have to link your accounts with Every Dollar, so that it can automatically track your spending and keep a check. The fee for this is $99 a year but if you want to use this site for free then you will have to manually enter your all transactions.

6- Good Budget

Another app like Quicken is Good Budget which will help you to make a budget based on the cash envelope system. This system says that you should make an envelope for every category in your budget and on this site you make cloud based envelopes. You have to link your bank account with the Good Budget so that it can track your spending and could let you know how much amount is left in each category for you. There is no fee for first 20 envelopes and you can use this free account on 2 devices that means you and your spouse could easily check at any time that what amount is left in each category. But if you want to use more than 20 envelopes then you would have to get the plus account that costs $50 per year that can used on 5 systems.

7- Dollarbird

Dollarbird is another app like Quicken to organize your finance better. The idea of this site is a bit different from the other sites and apps as it helps you to focus on short term money plans rather than the long term plans. Their system helps you to manage your daily spending. This site is best for you if you take money management in a different way than the other. You can use it for free but if you want more features than this site has two plans for you, one is for the families that costs $39.99 per year while the other is for business that cost vary according to your business.

8- Money Spire

Another software like Quicken is Money Spire which is linked to Quicken in a way that you can transfer your data from Quicken to Money Spire when you want. On this software you can make a budget for yourself, keep a track of your spending and your bills and along with that you can check and record all your transactions on a single place. You can use this software on all your systems with a single license. You can use this software for $49.99 while if you are not satisfied with the software you can return it as it comes with a money back guarantee of 30 days.

9- Pocket Smith

Another software like Quicken is Pocket Smith. On this, you can create a budget for yourself, track your spending, keep a record of your income and calculate your net worth. This programs lets you calculate your future money picture and they call themselves the time machine for money as it helps you to forecast the future of your money. The program automatically downloads your transactions and keep a record.

If you want to use this software for free you will have to enter your transaction manually while if you want your transactions automatically tracked you will have to pay $9.95 per month. This is the premium plan which includes the 10 year financial forecast too. While there is a Super Plan on this site that costs $19.95 per month in which you can see your financial forecast of 30 years.

If you are looking forwards towards a bright future and saving more money then you should consider this app as it will keep you motivated towards saving more money.


So these were some of the best replacements to Quicken for this year. These type of sites help you manage your finance in a better and organized way and you could save a lot of money by them. It’s worth checking them out once. Do comment in the comment section below and let us know how your experience of using these sites and apps was.

Have a good day!

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