Top Saving Apps like Ibotta this Year

By | April 25, 2021

Saving are blessings and everyone wants to save money though the reasons could be different for everyone. Grocery shopping is one of the essentials of the daily life while everyone looks for a way to save from grocery shopping, Ibotta is an app that helps people to save from grocery shopping. It could be fun while saving money.

I am sure you would have heard of Ibotta but if haven’t let me tell you as it is the most famous app that helps you to earn cash backs and discounts on a number of stores. Ibotta is a very user friendly app and to get cashbacks on Ibotta, you will just have to scan your grocery receipts. You will be amazed to know that how could get cashbacks like that? This is how it works the cashback you earn is actually based from the offers available on the app. So if you want to get the maximum in savings you could first check for the offers in the app. You can get the cashback via PayPal anytime you want.

There are many other apps like Ibotta that you can use to maximize your cashbacks and today I have come with a list of apps and sites like Ibotta that will easily increase your savings. So let’s start,

1- Checkout 51

Checkout is one of the best savings app and you can use it on any store. The process to get cashback is pretty same as you would have to upload a picture of your receipts every time you will buy anything. You should look at the offers before you make a purchase so that you could maximize your savings. One of the best thing about this app is that you could also save from online shopping by just uploading the package label. This is one of the easiest way to save and you will get your savings via a direct check when your account balance is $20.

2- Dosh

Dosh is another cashback app that will simply increase your chances of savings. Dosh provides savings opportunities for not only the grocery stores but you can also get discounts and offers for restaurants and hotels. The process is simpler than Ibotta, as you would not have to scan any receipts here. You can receive cash back on number of stores around you by activating offers and you will receive your cashback in your account when you will make the purchase. Dosh also provides the opportunity to save on online shopping. To get cash back, you will have to link your debt card or credit card with the app so that your purchases could be tracked through here. You will be paid through a direct check or PayPal when your balance gets $15.

3- Shopkick

Shopkick is one of the familiar apps like Ibotta. For the activities you do on Shopkick, you will earn points called kicks. There are three methods to earn the kicks and the best part is that you can earn kicks without even shopping. You will be amazed to know that you can earn kicks only for visiting stores. Shopkick pays you for visiting some of the selected stores. To find the nearest store to get paid you can open the navigation through the app and find one. Secondly, you could earn kicks for scanning barcodes. Yes you heard it right you can earn kicks for scanning barcodes of certain products at selected stores. While this could be the easiest way to make some cash. Other than that you could do shopping through the app and earn points. You could get digital coupons and other amazing offer through their app and could have maximum savings.

The points you earn on Shopkick can be redeemed in to gift cards that can be used at famous retailers like Urban Outfitters, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and many others. Shopkick is available for both android and iOS systems.

4- Fetch Rewards

As the name says, it is an app to get cask back and many amazing offers. You will get points for the receipts you upload on Fetch Rewards. You will have to go through offers so that you can get maximum points and one of the best thing about this app is that you can shop from anywhere you want and you can upload the receipts. The points you earn can be redeem in to gift cards that can be used for famous retailers like Target, Amazon or CVS. By signing up from a referral you can earn $2 and the minimum amount to get paid is $3. So the earnings starts right away.

5- Receipt Pal

Another similar app like Ibotta is Receipt Pal. You will not have to activate offers and search for offers here to get discounts. Receipt Pal has one of the easiest methods to earn cash backs as all you have to do is to download their app (which is available for both Android and iOS systems) and upload your receipts. You can upload the receipt of any purchase you have made in the last 30 days as the receipts older than 30 days are not entertained. You will earn 25 points each after 24 hours for the receipts you upload. In the start you can upload 20 receipts per week on Receipt Pal but after spending some time at this app you will be allowed to upload more receipts per week. The points you earn can be redeemed for gift cards for famous retailers and restaurants at any time you want. An extra tip for you is that if you have a higher number of points then you can redeem them for a big reward and that reward will be much bigger than the other websites.

6- Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is another famous app that is used to get cashback. The process is pretty simple and same like Ibotta as you would not have to do anything extraordinary than simply uploading the pictures of the receipt of the purchases you have made. You will earn points for every receipt you upload and unlike Ibotta you can upload any type of receipt you want. The points can be redeemed in to gifts cards for Amazon or you can get your cash through PayPal within 7 days of the request.

7- Shopmium

Shopmium is an app that is used to get cashback by scanning the receipts of your grocery store purchases. This app could be said to be exactly like Ibotta. You will have to scan the receipts and if your purchases qualify for offers you will be rewarded with points that can be redeemed in to PayPal cash or you can ask Shopmium to pay you directly through your bank. You can ask for cash out any time you want.

8- Savings Star

One of the website to save money for grocery shopping is Savings Star. The working of this site is a bit different than the Ibotta. To save money on the grocery shopping, you will need a stores loyalty card and all the things you buy will be tracked by the loyalty card that means no more receipt scanning.

Saving Star also has an app that makes it very user friendly. You can have many amazing deals and discounts at Savings Star and to get these deals you would have to find them through the app and you will have to claim the deal before making a purchase at the store. So that when your purchases are tracked, you could get the cashback. The amount you earn in the form of cashbacks from the deals you claimed will be in your Savings Star account and you can get that amount in the form of gift card, donation for American Forests or via PayPal. On average it takes 5 to 15 days while sometimes it could take 30 days also.

9- Mobi Save

Mobi Save is one of the quickest and simplest app to earn cash back. You can go through the offers available at their store and if you get any amazing offer that you want to avail. You will have to buy the items form the grocery store and then upload the receipt to Mobi Save same like Ibotta. The reason for calling Mobi Save the quickest is that they will pay you within the 24 hours of your upload via PayPal so that simply means there is no minimum pay amount.


So these were some of the top savings app like Ibotta that will help you to maximize your savings. The process could be different in many of them and the amount of cashback you get could be different but as it is free money so you should try to get it from the maximum you can. You should try the simplest one and then proceed to the other sites. This could really help you to go step by step for your savings and it will make you a savings master soon so that you could achieve that for what you were saving.

Do comment in the comment section below and lets us know about your experiences of shopping and getting cashbacks through these websites and apps. Save more and have a good day!

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