Some Legit Habits of Spartan People That Count

By | May 3, 2021

Spartan or Frugal people are one of the happiest people because they are living their life very economically. As the world is inching towards poverty Spartan or frugal people are those who are living a happy life. Today I am writing some of the habits of Spartan people that can be beneficial to you in a way. These people have a different perspective of money and they spend in a way that is much different from a regular person spending. These people adopted these habits after they have faced tough times or some of them are inherited by it. If you are ready to adopt these habits you can achieve your financial goals faster than you ever thought.

1- Sacrificing Quality

There is a big difference between being Spartan or Frugal and being cheap. People usually mix them. When it comes to quality, cheap people sacrifice it every time but for Spartan people they only do it when it make sense.

This can be taken in a way that Spartan people will not sacrifice for quality when they are going to buy the things that have a long term usage because if you buy cheap items that you would have to use for a longer period of time then you will end up by spending more money.

While you can sacrifice for quality if you have to use the item on short term basis and if they quality is not needed. For example there is no need of buying expensive stationary for your kid as the cheap one will also serve the same purpose.

It could take time to learn that on which thing you can make a sacrifice of quality but if you do so you can save a lot of money in a month.

2- Say “No” To Themselves

One of the best habit that Spartan people have is that they usually tell themselves “no”. They simple are disciplined enough to tell themselves to buy the things and services they need or the one’s they do not need. Now a days, people are driven away by their desires and they cannot say no to themselves and mostly they end up by disturbing their budget. In the past you would have to work for spending your money as you would have to travel to the restaurant or mall to eat and buy the thing you desire for. But for now with the convenience of online shopping and home deliveries you do not have to do any work in order to spend your money it has become much easier to fall for your desires and just by your mobile you can easily end up disturbing your budget.


Here the frugal people don’t fall for their desires they give themselves the time and think about the purchase they are going to make as it they really need it or not. Before making a purchase they think about it that will the purchase makes a difference to their lives? Will they improve their life with that? What value it is worth? By asking these type of questions and thinking of it they help themselves to say ‘no’ to un-necessary items most of time.

Telling yourself ‘no’ is not an easy task if you are not used to it but you can make this a habit by thinking and visualizing of the changes that it will make in your life. For example you could be lured to get a new car and you are going crazy for it as one of your friends also have that new car but when you will think about the changes that you will make like you would have to pay a $500 monthly to afford that car. If you would think about that you will be able to say ‘no’ to yourself.

3- Cost Conscious

Spartan people are very cost conscious. By cost conscious I do not mean that they buy cheap things or they do not buy the important things they require by that I meant that Spartan people think a lot before buying something. They know the price of the product they usually buy and never buy a thing on more than of its usual price. These people always look for sales and whenever they find a good deal they buy it. It does not affect them that they are buying a used items if it is making a good deal.

For example If a Spartan person is going for a grocery shopping he would definitely look for sale or find the store with lowest prices along with that he will use coupons to maximize his savings. To save more he will go for generic than the brand. These little things could help to save a good amount in the grocery budget.

These people think a lot before they buy an item. They ask themselves that whether they need that item or not or for how long they need that and is it necessary to buy the item than to rent it or to take it from a friend. Asking these questions can help you to save a good amount of cash. These people spend smarter to make maximum savings.

For example if they are on a vacation they would try to use AirBnb instead of a traditional hotel and save a big amount of dollars. They would not go to a cinema for a movie and instead of that they would watch the movie at home with their friends.

4- Save Consistently

One of the best habit of Spartan people is that they are consistent about money saving. They take savings as serious as they would take a bill to be paid and they set up automatic transfers in to savings account every month. Spartan people have an ideology of paying themselves first. This means when they set up a budget they first decide the savings and puts money in the savings account on priority.

These people set up high yield savings accounts and put money every month while every other person spends first. They put money in the account and forget it that means they follow the ideology of set it and forget it. This help them to reach their financial goal prior to the time they have decided for themselves.

5- Value of their Money

Little things when add up makes up a big item this goes same for the money as when a lot of pennies add up they become dollars. One of the thing that Spartan people do is that they value their money to a single a penny. You would be amazed to know the amount that you spent while just saying that it is just 50 cents or its 2 dollars only. Things like that could end up in disaster and you could end up by taking loans and destroying your budget.

It makes a huge difference when you values your pennies as you value your dollars. This helps you to save more money and you do not end up in a debt. You could save your pennies by placing a jar in your house and after some time you would see that the little pennies that you seem worthless are joined up to become a good amount that you can use.

You can also take this habit and start putting some pennies and dollars on daily and weekly basis in your investment and debt accounts. It won’t make a difference in a single attempt but you would do it for a month or so then you would be able to see the change that it makes.

6- They Repair Before They Buy New

One of the thing that Spartan people do is that they do not rush to buy new things if the old one got damaged. They work to repair the things and help the things to last for a long time so they would have more time to buy a new thing and they would not have to buy the things in a hurry.

Many a times the things get faulty and we need to repair them or get a new one. What a normal person would do is that he will rush out for a repairmen or will either buy a new one. Spartan people are not like that they do not rush to buy new things and they tend to repair the item by themselves by this they save a big amount of money. Sometimes the outer surface of the product get damaged and it has nothing to do with the working of the product. Many people just tend to buy new items for the sake of appearance but for Spartan people appearance does not matter.

7- Frugal Fun

You does not need a big amount of money to have fun. Spartan people have ways to have fun that does not need money or a little amount of money. Instead of going to the cinema or a restaurant they would spend a day at the beach or would go for hiking or a walk.

Spartan people usually go for these activities and save a lot of money in their entertainment budget.


These are some of the habits of Spartan people that really count and help them live within their budget. Make sure you adopt these habits so that you could also save money. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of savings money. Have a good day!

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