Planning to set up a review blog? Here is how!

By | June 18, 2021

Underneath are a bunch of questions answered by one of my friends who has a successful product reviewing blog running by himself and he is happy to share with us his valuable knowledge gained over years of experience.

What is in it for the blogger?

Yes you may have a couple of good reasons yourself but read on to find a more thorough perspective.

Original content

When you write about your thoughts and perspective of a product you generate original content. You become the supplier of useful information. That is something valuable for both the reader and the blogger.

High search engine value

There are multiple reasons to say so. i) Quality reviews attract more readers ii) when you write reviews you automatically use different key words that have low competition, so a good purpose is served for you indirectly without any extra efforts iii) with the passage of time you’ll have an elaborate collection of Search Engine friendly content and last but not least iv) other than people who read reviews to gather information prior making a purchase, there is a huge target audience for product review websites, forums and blogger and email senders that will provide link to your review in their posts.

Expand your earnings

The advertisement that you placed on your website can be of further use if you want to increase your income. Review that very product and place the associated link at the bottom. Keep it honest so that a review can keep its originality from the advertisement

What is in it for the companies?


Durable advertisement

A promo published in a magazine has a short life span. As soon as the next edition gets published the previous one is trashed. Your website will contain their product review for as long as it exists. Not only will the readers keep seeing it on the search engine archives also you’ll link back your fresh posts when needed to the old ones.

Cost effective advertisement

It costs the company almost nothing. All they have to do is send the particular product and the costs of reviewing writing software conversion and uploading etc. are all on you. You get there word out and get paid in the form of a single piece of their product.

Stay current with the audience

The whole retail game is turning online at high speed and an online review is right where there are buyers and hence a sale.

How to receive a product to review

If you are a beginner (which you probably are since you are reading this post) you would have to keep your patience.

Find a pattern

Carry out a thorough research and look for the companies in your niche that get their reviews done on every website. You are more likely to get a response from them. Especially pay attention to their products that are not as much reviewed.

Contact the company

Email should be your primary focus but snail mail and fax are not to be ignored either. Once receive a response keep in touch, keep the whole conversation updated, show you are serious about your business.

What a good review is like?

Properly outline the audience that’ll be benefited by the product also those who are not as likely to be benefited.

Keep it honest and detailed discuss all the aspects based on facts and not just the good ones. In reality nothing can be perfect.

Important note

Never forget to mention the freebies. A full disclosure is important legally and ethically.


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