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By | May 7, 2021

Everyone loves free stuff. This is something many companies know very well. Finding freebies on the internet can be easy and enjoyable. Usually these freebies fall into several categories that will help you track them down.

There are many sites such as MegaFreeStuff and ilovefreebies out there. These websites track the latest freebies and tell you how to get them. These sites are usually run off of user submissions and due to their popularity the freebies do not tend to last very long.

The next type of site is reddit or other forums. Here users submit their freebies and they are instantly viewable. You can usually subscribe to these sites to get information directly to your email and get the most of the offered freebies.

Most of the freebies offered on sites like this will be physical items of coupons. You will need to be comfortable giving you address to the companies offering these free promotions to get access to them. This is actually what you are trading to the companies to get your free items.

I have received everything from food to full sized shampoo and conditioner from these sites. My favorite thing to receive is children’s book which scholastic and other companies offer on a regular basis. On reddit some users swear they haven’t had to buy a t-shirt in years because of promo t-shirts.

The next type of freebie site are sites that give away samples on a set schedule. Samplesource and Pinchme are good examples of this style of site. You sign up for these sites and generally get an e-mail when they have items to give away. Often they ask you to review the items that you receive in return for shipping them to you.

Sites like this are usually first come first served and they sell out rather fast. Improving your profile or giving lots of feedback can give you a better chance at receiving free items on these sites with minimal effort.

Sites like recycle bank give you free magazine subscriptions. These sites ask you to watch short videos, click through slide shows, or visit the site on certain days to get points you can use towards subscriptions. These sites actually give you the most choice out of most freebie sites. You can choose which items you want and when you want to get them making them a good source for gifts and the like.

You can also get e-books, apps, and other online items for free. Reddit and other sites often track these items as they go up for free letting you know when to grab them. These are usually limited deals that last a day or two and let you pick up an item you have been looking at for a while.

If you are a regular internet user getting freebies is easy and can be fun. With so many options out there you can ensure you have a steady source of free items without too much work. Even the items that ask you for reviews usually take less than 2-3 minutes of your time.

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