Legit Methods to Get Gift Cards for Free this Year

By | April 30, 2021

Other than of cash, gift cards are one of the best gifts to receive. As the world is rapidly going cash less and all people are using digital money so gift cards are becoming more popular. These gift cards have the same importance as of the real cash as you can use them instead of cash at many places. There are many ways to get fee gift cards but I have re-searched for the best ones and now I am writing this article for you so that you could find legit sites and apps to get free gift cards. So let’s start,

1- Rakuten

Rakuten is a famous app that helps you earn cash back on shopping you do at their site. You can only get a gift card once on this app but you can use this app to get cashback unlimited times. This is one of my favorite app because you can earn cashback on over 2000 different stores. When you join their app, you get a $10 gift card that can be used at Walmart, you can replace that with $10 cash bonus too. You can get this gift card when you do a shopping of $25 from their app. As you can shop from 2000 different stores so it is obvious that you will get it in your next week. Other than that you can get cashback from these stores and once your account balance is $5 then you can get your amount via PayPal or mail.

2- Survey Junkie

Providing your opinion for free gift cards is not a bad deal at all as you do it for free all the time on social media. One of the methods to earn free gift cards is to take online surveys. There are many companies to take online surveys but the most reputable and a company having a high trust pilot score of 4.5 out of 5 is Survey Junkie. This site has plenty of opportunities to get points that can be redeemed for gift card. One of the best thing about this site is that you will get surveys according to your interest and this site has survey of different topics like politics, current affairs, shopping habits etc. You can get your first gift card from this site when you have 1000 points in your account.

3- Inbox Dollars

It is one of the most popular method to get gift cards. Inbox Dollars is one of the most famous and get paid to website that helps people to earn gift cards and cash for short activities. This is a very legit site and you can earn points for taking online surveys, surfing the internet, downloading coupons and playing games. One of the activity that will help you to earn more points is shopping online through Inbox Dollars. Inbox Dollars is a very trustable site with a trust pilot rating of 4.1 out of 5 and this site has given away 50 million dollars to its users in the form of prizes and gift cards. You will get $5 for just joining their website and once your account balance is $30 you can ask for a payout or different gift cards.

4- Swagbucks

Swagbucks can be termed as one of the most famous app to get gift cards online. To earn gift cards you will have to do some short tasks, that you usually do while using the internet. They have a trust pilot rating of 4.3 out of 5. To get a gift card you will have to earn points that you can redeem in to gift cards and you can earn points for doing activities like playing games, searching the internet, watching online videos, taking surveys and shopping from their app. The points you earn are termed as SB points and you can get a gift card when you have SB points equivalent to $3. These gift cards can be used at famous retailers like eBay, Dunkin Donuts and Amazon. Sometimes you can avail discounts on the gift cards and can redeem them for less points and you will be amazed to know that Swagbucks gives away 7 thousand gift cards daily.

5- My Points

My Points is another get paid to website that will help you to get free gift cards. The gift cards available at My Points can be used at 75 different retailers that include airlines too. This site is in business since 1996 and has a strong trust pilot rating of 4.4 out of 5. One of the method to earn points on this site is online shopping while you can also do activities like reading emails, playing games, web searches and watching online videos to get more points. Another best part of this app is that the redemption value for every gift card is different unlike the others where there are fixed points for every gift card. For example you can redeem a $5 gift card for 700 points to one retailer while you can redeem a $10 gift card for 1600 points. You can also earn points for buying gift cards on My Points.

6- instaGC

instaGC is another get paid to website with a trust pilot score of 3.6 out of 5 that will help you to get free gift cards. There are several activities you can do on this site to earn points and then these points can be redeemed in to gift cards. The activities include watching online videos, searching the interne, shopping and taking online surveys. The minimum amount you need to get a gift card is only $1 and there are 350 different kind of different gift cards available on this site. One of the reason to consider this website is that as you redeem your points for gifts cards or PayPal cash, you get it instantly and there is no wait.

7- Grindabuck

This is a website that has a lot of options for you to get free gift cards. Grindabuck has a trust pilot rating of 3.5 out of 5. You will have to earn points on this site like others and then you can redeem your points in to different gift cards of famous retailers like Walmart, Amazon or Game Stop etc. The activities you can do to earn points are listening to music, watching online videos, watching paid ads, downloading and playing new games and apps, completing offers and taking online surveys. So that are number of tasks that you can do and one of the best thing about this website is that you can even redeem your points for Bitcoin.

8- Honey

Honey is one of the most famous app to earn cash back. You can also get free Amazon gift cards on Honey. Honey is kind of different from other apps, you do not know how much cash back you will earn from this app until you complete your purchase and as you complete it Honey will check that if the products are eligible for a gift card and if they are it will apply the code automatically. This is one of the best app to use if you are a regular customer of Amazon because it will compare the prices of third part listings with the Amazon prices and whenever there is a chance of saving it will notify you. Another benefit of Honey is that it automatically puts a coupon code if there is an available coupon online for the product you are going to buy.

9- Ibotta

Ibotta is one of the sites that will help you to earn cash backs on shopping you do. This is one of the most famous site because you can also earn points for scanning your grocery receipts. You will earn cash back in the form of points that you can get in the form of cash through Venmo, PayPal or you can redeem your points in to gift cards from famous retailers like Starbucks, Best Buy or Amazon. There are over 340 plus stores on which you can do shopping to earn points or cash back.

10- Amazon Prime

Are you a user of Amazon Prime? If you are then you have an opportunity of earning a free gift of $5 from there site. You just have to refer your friends to Amazon Prime and when they will join and make a minimum purchase of $5, you will then get a free gift card of worth $5 on Amazon Prime. Thus this is one of the easiest way to get free gift cards while you enjoy unlimited discounts with Amazon Prime.


So these were some of the best and legit ways to earn free gift cards. Free gift cards can never be valued less than actual cash. There are many simple ways of getting free cards mentioned above so make sure you use all of them. As every site has its own payment options and different retailer options so my recommendation for you is that you should start from the simplest one to the complex one.

Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of using gift cards in the past. Have a good day!

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