How To Get Your Hands On The Best Free Stuff

By | June 18, 2021

Between the cost of living and the flat economy, many more people are looking for free stuff to furnish their homes and lives, or perhaps to sell on a website or at a flea market. If you’re determined to get your hands on the goods, at no charge, read on!

The Classifieds

Right in your neighborhood, there are people looking to unload all kinds of free stuff. They will likely put an add in the local paper, indicating what the items being given away are and when and where someone could pick them up. Be the early bird, to get this worm, though, as you’re not alone in your search for free, usable stuff. Call right at nine in the morning, unless the add gives you a specific time to reach the person. Otherwise, you are likely to be told that the free items have already been given away.

Online Sites For Recycling

People are, by nature, resourceful. They know that landfills are spilling over and that good items can still be used by others. Look online for these sites and see what you can find. The site should list items by category, so if, for example, you need a new bike for your little one, try searching “toys” or “bikes”. You will need to sign-up, but don’t give out too much of your information unless you’ve done some research on the site. An email confirmation is all you should need to search, but different sites have different rules regarding direct contact between individuals. Also, some online places might allow you to trade goods, so be aware of what you have in stock in your own garage or basement, in case a fair trade can be made.

Yard-Sailing After Hours

Right when yard sales are pulling in the tables, you can probably score a load of free stuff. The sellers have likely been out all day trying to hawk their goods, but once they close up shop, they’ve got to pack everything back up or take it in the house. To avoid such a hassle, many simply start to give the things away at no charge. Roam around the streets of your neighborhood during the day on weekends, looking for yard sales. Take not of the hours of operation posted on signs, then show up a few minutes after closing. Be discreet and polite, and you could score big!

Pull Up A Truck

If you’ve got a vehicle good for hauling, consider how cleaning up a site could benefit the owner, along with all the free stuff you might get in the process. Landlords and other property owners don’t have time to sift out items of value from loads of junk, so if you offer to haul it out, you inherit everything, lock, stock and barrel. Choose your assignments carefully and bring a friend along. You obviously don’t want to waste your time or throw your back out, but there are endless sights in need of quick clearing out with unlimited potential for fantastic and free stuff.

Finding free and useful items is very gratifying, and if you’re diligent and careful about it, you could quickly furnish your home or stock up on things to sell yourself. Develop a good eye for judgement and look in all the places listed here. Chances are good you’ll score big!

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