Best Ways to Save This Summer

By | April 28, 2021

When I was a child summer was my favorite season. In the summers, the sun shines to its peak and we can go out or attend many festivals. But when I was an adult I realized that this season comes with a lot of extra expenditures, as the summer comes with holidays for the children so there is a big expense for the vacations. We have to spend a big amount on summer activities and the energy costs also increases as there is a high use of Air conditioners. So this means that there are a lot of extra expenses in the summer for a common man. But you can also enjoy your summer in less amount and can save a good amount in the summer season and for that I am writing this article to tell you about the methods that I used to save money in the summer and how this season is now again my favorite season.

So let’s start,

  • Gardening

Gardening is one of the healthiest activity to do in the summers and it comes with a lot of benefits. It is one of my favorite activity to do in the summers. Although you would have to spend some money in the form of seeds or to maintain your garden but the results will be very fruitful. By gardening you can have healthy fruits at your backyard and you can make fresh juices from them. You can also grow tomatoes, lettuce or herbs because they are easy to grow and do not need much maintenance. This is one of the best way to save money on grocery and fruits and you would also get healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables. Another benefit of gardening is that it could help you and your children to consume their free time well in the summers.

  • Staycation

This is one of the easiest way to save on vacation plans. If you live in a place that is blessed with historical monuments and other natural sightseeing places that visitors often visit. Then instead of going far away from your home or going abroad you should spend your vacations inside your city. By this you would be able to save money on transportation and accommodation. If there are not such places like that you could visit to the Zoo, the Museum, the Arch or the beach. By this you would also explore your city and you will be able to see the places you have not seen yet. So this summer make a list of places in your city that you have not visited and want to visit. Thus staycation will help you to save money.

  • Spend More Time Outdoor

This is the time of the year where you have the opportunity to go out easily whenever you want and you can enjoy many activities. I am sure your place would also have such opportunities that you can avail. You can just go out in the morning for a walk if the day is very hot. Spending your time outside will help you to save more money and you can engage yourself in activities like hiking, camping, swimming, running, taking your dog to walk or riding your bike etc. These type of activities does not cost much money and are very cheaper and this can help you to keep yourself healthy too. Thus these type of activities always help to save money in the summers and you enjoy too.

  • Use Your Bike Often

Using your car all the time can increase your expenses and in the summer when the sun is out using your bike more often can help you save a lot of money. You do not have to use the car to go the grocery store located 2 KM away from your home. To do such type of tasks that are less far away you should replace your car by you bike. Bike is a very eco-friendly vehicle that you can use to move from one place to another and it will also keep you fit. You should also not get frightened by the sun because the heat from the sun will be good for you and when you will ride a bike the heat will give you more comfort. To make yourself more comfortable with your bike you can add a basket or bag to the bike so you could easily bring items. An important precaution that you need to take is to wear a helmet and also keep a lock so that your bike could remain safe.

  • Skip the Gym

Another way to save money in the summer is to skip the gym in the summer. This is one of the easiest way because summer provide many opportunities by which you can keep yourself fit and healthy. You could evaluate for yourself that whether you need the gym membership or not and in my opinion you should cancel your membership till the winters because in the summer you can keep yourself fit by activities like swimming, hiking or riding a bike. Other than that you can also work out from home that also saves a lot of money. Thus summers provide you the option to save the money you spend on your gym membership.

  • Sun Block

This is one of the simplest way to save money in the summers. By blocking the sun or heat to come inside your home you could save a good amount on energy costs. Summers always increases the energy costs but taking some precautions and blocking the sun could be one of the precaution that could help you. By closing the doors properly, shutting the curtains and all the shades you can keep your home cool. This simple trick can help save a good amount on energy costs.

  • Programmable Thermostat

This is one of the investment that you need to make in order to save money this summers. These programmable thermostat will help you to save money this summer. These programmable thermostats are really affordable that will decrease your energy costs this summers. These thermostats automatically program themselves according to your time and set the temperature as you go leave and enter the home that means when you will leave your house the programmable thermostat will adjust its temperature and in the night it will also adjust itself. Thus this gradually decreases the energy costs. Thus spending a 50 dollars could gradually help you to save hundreds of dollars in the upcoming months. These can also help you to save money in the winters too.

  • Combine Your Tasks

By this I mean to say that do not rush to buy a single item when you do not need it on urgent basis. By combing your task I mean to say that if you want to go out for some work or to buy something wait for some time until you have another task to do. By this you would be able to save some money in means of transportation and it would also help you to save some important time. This is one of the thing that you should do for all the season because it helps to save precious time and money.

  • Save While Cooking

One of the mistakes that we do in the summers is to cook inside our home while it is hot outside, this makes out home more hot and we have to turn down the AC. This can increase your energy costs and your effort to keep your house cool fails. So instead of cooking inside your house you should try to replace that with grilling or if you can’t grill you can use a slow cooker. By grilling outside you can use the heat from the sun in a good way and grilling is also a fun activity that saves you a good amount of money.

  • Skip Cable TV

Another big expense in the budget is the cable TV. On average you have to pay $120 per month for the Cable TV. You can replace this cable TV by alternatives and can save this money you spend on cable TV. If you use cable TV to watch your favorite shows you can replace that by using the channels app for that as you can easily watch your shows on that app. Other than that you can have membership of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video or HBO Now and membership from these will only cost you $8 to $20 a month.

  • Buy Used Items

Summers means a lot of Garage sale. So gear yourself up and get ready for a lot of savings this summer because you are going to have a lot of garage sales this summer. You can also use online stores to get used stuff and could save a good amount. Used items are not a bad deal every time so to make sure you are making a good deal always check what you are going to buy. So you should now try to change your perspective of buying new things every time with this and thus get ready to save money.


So these were some of the methods that will help you to save money this summer. I am sure after this summer you would not be in debt but instead of that you would have saved a good amount of money for your winters. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of how money saving in the summers has been a night mare for you before reading this article. Have a good day!

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