Honeypie Subscription Box

High performance handmade mineral makeup is produced in small batches at Honeypie. It is founded by Claudia who believed in and say out to produce healthy alternatives to the harsh cosmetics available locally in the markets.

All these items come at an affordable rate.



Top Products:

The foundations of the HoneyPie are their top sellers. They have been awarded the Green Parent Beauty Boxes Awards multiple times. The products are suitable for all types of skin from sensitive to acne-prone.


Their Commitment:

They are committed to provide mineral-free, natural vegan and cruelty free makeup products to their customers. And they only work with brands who agree with their vision.





This is a German brand but has become very popular among the British. The company has received awards for its products.


Top Products:

The top product of the company would be its Matte Lipstick made with pure minerals and vitamin enriched. It comes in a variety of shades. Another hit of the company’s products is its BB Cream. The 8-in-1 cream is a perfect combination of beauty and skincare.


Their Commitment:

Their product line might not be 100% vegan but they do have quite a few vegan options available too. These products are allergen and cruelty free.


Some other Companies worth mentioning include the following:


Mine Tan:


Mine Fan is the perfect way to achieve a look you have never seen before. The best way to get the perfect bronze glow and as fast as applying foundation.

The products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. The materials used in the packaging are recycled materials.

You can also get discounts by using coupon codes.


MEMI Makeup:


The youth-inspired, long lasting products of MiMI available at very affordable prices are here to bring boldness to the makeup world in a vegan, cruelty-free way. The brand has been recognized by PETA for their commitment to ethics.


Easy Ways to Have Cash Even When You’re Broke

Sometimes, you need a reasonable amount of money to make an initial investment for money making ideas.

This is why we have put together a guide to making money even if you are broken. Follow our guide and see what your chances of making money are if you do not have the money to get started.

Make money by Not Wasting Them

One of the first things you need to do is make sure you are not wasting any money.

You may seem to be making every penny count, but it’s amazing how much money we waste on things we don’t need – in fact, we’ve got the full article on making money without wasting it here.

Here are the things you can do:

Creating home cleaning products

Use every bit of food you buy

Creating a packed lunch

Getting free phone calls

There are a lot more ideas, so read the article.

In general, make sure you get the best deals. For example, some people can save 38,538 a year by switching to an energy supplier – click here to use our energy comparison tool to see if you get the best deal.

Other things to look for include your insurance (whether it is car, vacation or life insurance) and also the broadband.

Read our article for more information on how to save money when you have nothing.

Get a Job

Well, this step is not for everyone, you may already have a job or you may be a full time parent.

But if you are looking for a job – or really, a second job that you can do in the evenings or on the weekends – and you are having trouble, here are our best tips.

First, when applying, you must have a strong CV. Make sure it exists.

If you are going to stand out from the rest of the crowd, make sure your CV is concise, consistent and professional. Read different guides if you want to write a killer CV.

If you have been unemployed for a long time, it can be even harder to get a job, especially if you have gap in your CV, make the most of all available government programs and networks. Read our guide to overcoming chronic unemployment here.

Got an interview?

If you’ve come to an interview yourself, make sure you decorate that area – it will take people three seconds to create an initial first look!

Cases are expensive, so if you do not have the money to buy one, why not try asking your friend if you can borrow that one.

If you are looking for a job offer, you can also get help buying a case from a flexible support fund. These funds are set up to provide support and training to job seekers, and if the lack of appropriate clothing is a barrier to you looking for work, you can get help.

However, this funding is provided at will, so you have no ‘right’ to it, but if you can put forward a good case for what you need, you should get something.

If none of them work, a foundation is appropriate and a start-up, they offer lawsuits to men who can’t afford one.

You only have to borrow for a short period of time because once you get to work, you can buy one for yourself!

So always look to read the best tips to help you if you have lost faith in going to work.

Online Studies

To get you started, bring some cash while you are at home and do some easy online surveys.

We are a big fan of online surveys on Money MacBook because it is the best way to make a little extra money in your spare time.

You can read our full guide to online surveys here, but the studies we specifically recommend:

Inbox Pounds – They Pay You 1 To Sign Up!

Toluna – Toluna offers redeem points for gift cards or PayPal cash.

IPod – Get paid to influence major brands around the world.

Mint Vine – The survey site is very easy to use, it costs almost 2 to join.

Nielsen Online Team – Not really an online survey, all you have to do is download the app on your computer / smartphone and then you will enter a prize draw of up to 30,000!

You will not make a fortune, and you should sign up with someone to make sure a survey is always over, but they are the best way to fill in any money that comes their way.

What if I can’t do it on a computer or broadband?

When you read this information on a website we thought you had internet access, but you raise an interesting point.

If you are after a cheap computer, you should visit getonline@home.org, which offers discounts for those who receive certain government benefits.

Offers vary, but you can get the system from around 60.

You may still have to pay for broadband, but it should not cost the earth – click here to find the best home broadband deal for you.

Many of you now use smartphones to access the internet, which brings completely different costs. Read our 9 ways to reduce the price of your smartphone.

Not only that, your local library will have a free computer that you can use here and there, so take advantage of it.

Rent or Sell your Goods

Use your stuff first to get some money. You can rent it – it’s better to have it – or sell it.

For rent

Room for rental identification

If you have any value, chances are you can rent it and make money.

If you have spare room, you can rent it for cash (even if it is on a part-time basis). It can bring in thousands of extra pounds a year – and the first, 4,250 tax deduction you earn from a lodge!

If this sounds like you can do it, check out Easy Roommate – Advertising is free. If you don’t want to indulge in a full-time lodge, look no further than Monday to Friday.

If you have a driveway, you can rent it at Barclays or Just Park and earn money.

In fact, you can rent all kinds of items for money – from your DVD player to gardening tools with Rent Not Buy. The beauty of lending is that you can do it again and again, which will last as long as a cash flow.


Sell ​​your products

If you have items around your house that you no longer use, do not throw them out!

Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so you can find a buyer.

One of the most popular ways to sell products is through eBay. It’s easy and doesn’t require much effort, however they will charge you for everything you earn.

If you do not know about selling on eBay, read our 8 Steps to Make Money on eBay.

If you have a lot of products to sell, why not consider starting a car? This is a great way to monetize your trash. Click here to read our guide to getting successful car boot sales.

Funny, Easy and Bizarre Money Makers

Looking for some easy, fun or weird money makers that require no upfront?

Here are some ideas for you – they do not provide regular income, but they are a great way to earn extra money.

Get paid for testing – Getting paid for your ideas is a good, easy way to earn extra money. For example, you can also have cash to test food… Yes, even chocolate! You can earn up to 55 for a tasting session. Groups that focus on other things can pay up to 250, so it is definitely worth it.

Get paid for the test – If you are brave and fully understand the risk, you can earn up to 000 4,000 to participate in medical tests. Of course this involves an element of risk – you will be one of the first person to be tested for the drug! After you have something safe, you can get paid to participate in psychological tests. You can earn up to 10 per hour as the subject of a psychological test!

Donation from your body – we made you a bizarre promise! You can earn donations from your body. For example women are now making a lot of money to sell their breast milk! You also have to make money by donating sperm or eggs, which technically means you are not allowed to make a profit. Making money by selling your hair is a very popular option – in fact some companies pay up to £ 200 for your hair!

Opportunities to Make Low Investment Money

There are opportunities to make money that can provide a regular return, but it doesn’t need much in the way of an initial investment.

Dog walking

For example, dog walking or dog sitting is something you can do without having to spend any money to set yourself up in advance. You can advertise your services for free with a dog walking company and instead offer them a small sum of the profits you earn.

Other low investment opportunities include face painting, sitting at home and setting up your own blog.

Find additional ways to make money with your hobbies and skills here.


We are big fans of being extra in movies, TV shows and commercials.

The money is good – about £ 100 a day in total – you don’t have to do much (waiting for a lot of it to be invited) and you get fab food!

The only downside is that you have to live in or near the city where they are filming (London is an obvious but Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester and so on) and you have to be careful about which extra company you join. There are many sharks out there that will charge you to join them and then you will not get any job, so check out our article here to learn that how you can weed out the good from the bad.

Get Cashback

Once you have a little extra money to spend, join a cashback site like Top Cashback and get a refund every time you make a purchase.

It may not seem like a lot at first, but eventually you will realize that you are saving a lot of money!

Best Guide to Get a Cheaper Loan

When financial markets are volatile – especially when your own finances are under pressure – the chance of getting a cheap loan can seem daunting.

This is an important decision, and it is worth spending your time to make sure that you do not get caught up in the downward spiral of paying interest or getting stuck in a long-term repayment agreement for many years.

Whether you are looking for a loan, or you already have one, and want the best deal, there are options. Read Money Magpie’s tips on how to get your funds right and find cheap credit.

Specific Loans for a Smaller Amount

Higher rates in the market mean smaller borrowings. This is because it is possible to borrow a small amount of money in the short term, so the lender will not have much time to make money on interest payments. So, instead, they raise interest rates to make sure they are profitable.

Because of this, for a small amount of money that you think you can repay in a relatively short period of time, you should definitely look for ways to get a non-performing loan.

Credit cards

Purchase Credit Card 0% APR allows you to pay for transactions using your credit card for a specified period of time – usually six to 12 months – depending on which card you receive.

The longest running 0% of the currently available purchase agreement is the APR Tesco Club card Credit Card, which offers you 22 months prior to charging interest. You collect one club card point for every 4 you spend on the card from anywhere in the world.

(Especially if you shop at Sainsbury’s) is Sainsbury’s Credit Card, which offers its shoppers a card that offers 0% on balance transactions for the first 29 months and 0% on purchases for the first six months or 0% for 27 months. On purchase. Like the Tesco card, you will collect loyalty points when shopping on your Nectar card – in fact, you must be a Nectar card holder and actively use it within six months to apply for a credit card.

Always remember

The same principle applies to all of these cards; you use the card to pay what you need and then you have a period of 0% interest to pay the remaining amount. You will be charged interest after this time – so pay it off quickly!

How much can you spend?

The amount you can spend on the card depends on your credit limit, which is defined by your credit rating. Credit limits vary greatly (up to £ 250 in regions 250). Remember, however, that no matter how much you spend, it can be very difficult to repay in full at 0% interest, so make sure you have the funds to repay it.

Not everyone approves of these cards. Keep in mind that every time you apply for a loan and it is rejected it reflects negatively on your credit rating.

If you find that your score is not the best, it is best not to apply for one of these cards. Try to read as more as possible about improving and viewing your credit score.

Replace the card with less regular balance. Look here for the lowest fixed rates.

Need more time to pay off the balance?

What can you do if you are unable to repay what you owe within a year, then take a 0% APR on the balance transfer credit card. These cards do not charge interest on balances transferred from other cards – that is, the card you first paid for the transaction.

Without applying for the Platinum card, the longest 0% balance transfer contract is the Knot West balance transfer card, which offers 0% for transfers up to 20 months.

This greatly increases the time it takes to repay your loan, but it is not a silly method. When things change all the time, when you get your 0% APR result during the purchase period you should definitely make sure you have a suitable card to change your presence. That being said, it is unlikely that they will suddenly disappear completely; instead, the interest period will be slightly reduced.

Loans for the Bigger Amount

The advantage of a personal loan is that you can ensure that you buy at a monthly repayment rate, that you are sure you can buy, and for a limited period of time.

However, personal loans can be confusing. Not only do you have to look at the interest rate you have to pay on the loan amount, you also have to repay it.

A lot of people don’t realize that debt is really like borrowing money from a bank. You get all the money you ask for, and then every month you repay it a little, and a little more for rent. The longer you borrow money, the more ‘rent’ you pay. See below for an explanation.

For example

If you borrow 500 7,500 over three years at 8% APR, you will repay a total of 4 234.14 per month up to 4 8,429.04 – which is 9 929.04 for total interest.

If you take out the same loan over five years instead (actually 7.9% APR is charged), your monthly repayment is just that. 150.81, but in total you will repay 9,049 – a total of 5 1,549 interest – plus a cost of over 600.

Ideally, you should borrow at the lowest rate you can find in the short term.

How to Find Better Loan Deal and Swap?

If you have already entered into a long-term loan agreement, you can save money by taking out another loan, repaying your original loan, and then repaying it to a second lender – such as restructuring.

The only drawback is the prepayment fees or penalties.

The problem with loans is that the cheaper ones are rarely more flexible. Banks want to lock you in for a period of time, ensuring that they earn an income by giving you money. Just as consumers are guaranteed to know how much they have to repay each month, banks also want to know how much interest they are going to pay.

So if you decide to repay the loan in advance, they will charge you to recover some of the lost interest.

Calculates the cost

If switching is worth it you need to understand how much money the new loan you are considering switching to work will save. You do this:

Calculates the term of the loan you currently hold and how much interest you will have to pay in total for the new loan.

Make a difference between this amount and the amount you owe for your current loan, plus the penalty for repaying the interest paid on the new loan.

If you can offset the early repayment penalty with the difference between the two loans and save some more, it is time to switch. Otherwise, it would be better to stay where you are.

You can save money by getting a lower interest rate when changing or by reducing the repayment period.

Reducing the term of your loan

Let’s take the previous example for a 500 7,500 loan.

For example

The difference in cost between the three-year and five-year periods is 69,619.96. The initial settlement fee is interest for up to two months, which comes to about £ 300 for a period of five years.

Therefore, if you switch from a five-year loan to a three-year loan, you save over £ 300 even with the initial repayment fees (ஆக 619.96 – £ 300 = £ 319.96).

So your time to switch to this matter will be clear.

Find the lowest interest rate

By finding loans with low interest rates and shortening the term of the loan, you can try and get the best rate. This is a bit tricky as it gets a somewhat lower rate and will not always save you money considering the initial repayment fees.

For example, if you are currently repaying a £ 10,000 loan from Halifax at 8.9% APR over five years, and you saw the same loan advertised at 7.9% APR from Tesco Personal Fund, you might consider switching.

The initial settlement fee for a Halifax loan is equal to 58 days interest, which means you will actually pay more by switching because the difference in APR rates is not more than the initial payment.

Getting Started

The first thing to do before applying for any loan is to look at your credit rating and remember to cancel it at the end of the 30 day free period if you do not want to subscribe.

By checking your credit rating, you know which loans you can access because they only apply to those with some very high ratings. This will give you a realistic idea of ​​what you are looking at and will help you see how much you can save.

Some Alternatives to Banks

Credit unions are independent co-operative societies formed and owned by members. They provide loans and credit at a competitive rate, and they generally aim to improve the community.

There are no down payment fees, and you need to pay off your debt and save often. This includes life insurance. If you die before repaying the loan, the insurance will cover the outstanding fees.

The amount of interest can increase or decrease. It varies from one union to the other union. By law, they are not allowed to charge more than 2% per month in arrears of debt reduction, which equates to 28% APR. It is worth weighing this against the loans you get from banks.

You can check the credit calculator provided by the Limited Association of British Credit Unions.

Click here to find your local credit union.

Bear-to-peer loan with sofa

Sofa is an online marketplace where people register their money as a loan – and are guaranteed a huge return on it – this money is distributed at low cost to all the users who actually sign up for a personal loan. This agreement works very well for both parties because taking a bank out of the equation means that the borrower does not have to pay expensive overheads.

The site offers loans for one to five years, earns its money by charging borrowers a transaction fee, and offers an annual service fee of 1%.

Perk Up With Free Makeup Samples

Freebie! Freebie! If free makeup samples float your boat, you’ll want to check this info because we are revealing to the world where the best places to get your free makeup samples are.


Are you broke? No worries! Get Free Makeup Samples Right Over Here!


Let’s get right to it, shall we? Here are the websites you’ll want to troll when you’re in the mood for a freebie or two.


  1. Costco’s “Sample Spot”


In order to be a part of the Target Sample club, you will need to answer several survey questions. Once you do that, you’ll be allowed to access whichever samples are on promo. Now, keep in mind that there’s no guarantee they’ll have the samples you’re on the lookout for, but, nonetheless, it’s worth checking out on a regular basis.


  1. Freebie Sites!


These freebie sites here below are, by far, my personal favorites. There’s always new samples added on a daily basis. That means you’ll always have a ton of things to try!


Just Free Stuff




Free Stuff Finder


About Online Freebie Samples


Here’s a ProTip: DO NOT EVER use your primary email address to claim freebies. This helps you avoid pesky (and ridiculously annoying) SPAM. And, for security reasons, don’t give out your real birthdate either.


  1. P&G Everyday


There have been some really nice samples that we received from them. I like the fact that the P&G sample and coupon choices change frequently.


  1. Pretty Thrifty


Your “Inner Glamazon” will hearken to this phenomenal website. With an impressively comprehensive list of the newest beauty freebie world deals and steals, this site is without a doubt, worth visiting regularly.


  1. Oh Yes, It’s Free


Looking for an all-inclusive, up-to-date website with a full list of deals and steals? The IT’S FREE website dropdown menu lists the newest and best Free Makeup Samples by mail. They show all of your favorite brand’s beauty freebies, as well as some more current brands you may be thrilled to discover.


Is Your Baby On The Way? Here’s How You Can Manage Everything On A Budget!

Having a baby is the most special thing for a woman and no one likes to worry about finances during the best time of their lives. Babies are usually considered to be a gift but an expensive one by most people but it’s entirely up to the parents that how much they spend on their baby’s first year. According to a survey carried out in the UK on an average, parents spend almost £1,000 on their new baby while 5% parents even spend above £3,000.

Keep an eye on your finances before and during pregnancy
The process of saving money should be started as soon as you’re thinking about bringing a new life into this world and starting your family. These saving can help you avoid lower fiancés because of the maternity leave or one of the parents giving up work to raise the kid. Life becomes pretty hectic after the baby has arrived so it is always a good idea to plan ahead. Find out what kind of entitlements you can get, there might be childcare vouchers offered by your workplace or tax credits that you could claim. Get the best out of your parental leave because once your know how much you’re going to spend each month after the baby is born, for the whole year – you can manage your finances and budget accordingly.

Get useful tips from parents who’ve been there
When you’re about to become a mother, you want to get your child the most luxurious and expensive items of all that are of no use after a year or two and in some cases 6 months max. So before you make any unnecessary expenditure, sit along with your friends and family who’ve been through the whole “new mummy & daddy” stage. You might not just get useful tips and advice but also some useful baby care items and stuff like strollers or clothing that you might be of some great use. Your mum could be an ideal adviser in this scenario. You’d want to ask questions like what is important and what would fit your lifestyle better. Improvise!

Make friends with other new parents
It can be one of your greatest help and achievement if you become friends with other parents who would be going through a similar time in their lives. A lot can be done by this union, you can bulk shop various baby care products and clothing which can help you save money, take maternity classes together and once the baby has arrived, a beautiful thing called ‘play-dates’. Said enough!

Always buy ‘new’ when ‘necessary’
They grow fast, like really, really fast. So whatever you’re buying for them out of your sheer excitement and emotions, is going to waste after a couple of months if not years. You can look for lovely new baby equipment online; take a visit to the charity shops or maybe NCT sales. You would only have to pay a fraction for all of the products that you would otherwise end up spending a lot on, and you might also get away with some of the items for free. Most of the items that you will come across will barely need a scrub. Only make new purchases on items in which safety risk is involved.

Don’t forget: There will be gifts
Once the baby arrives, tons of gifts from friends and family come along with it. These gifts usually range from clothing to toys and strollers, enough for you to not think about baby shopping again. If there is a gift item that you don’t need or if there are too many of them, you can easily exchange them for something else that you might need. In the case of clothing, if you’re going to exchange, go for a bigger size that would be a perfect fit as the baby grows.

How to Become a Product Tester

I’ve been set on a mission to take part in as many product testing organizations as possible to discover the best. It’s one of those pastimes where you receive what you give. If you have a little bit of free time available and you like analyzing products, go ahead and read on.

What Is Product Testing?

Brands utilize product testing organization to receive truthful and unbiased remarks regarding their latest products. The organizations choose those within their member bases that are most suitable to that particular product and propose them to join their “campaign”, “project” or ”programme”. The fortunate chosen ones will get the products via post and they can then get on with the testing and reviewing.

Often, it is expected of the participants to get the message out, by composing reviews, taking pictures, composing conversation reports, tweeting, Facebook posts and composing blogs. You are more important for the product testing company if you complete more activities.

If you are excited by the idea of testing new things, creating a difference to the customer market and also receiving free stuff, contemplate joining some of the organizations below.

These all organizations are free to join.


Which Ones Should I Join?


With the entertaining and unscattered outline, BzzAgent is one of the easiest products testing websites to utilize. I am relatively new to the BzzAgent and have participated in only one campaign until now: The Sure Women Deodorant BzzCampaign.

BzzAgent stresses on maximum participation by giving various ranks to their members which starts at Solitary Bee and ends at the Sweet Bee title. Every activity you finish (a tweet for example or a posted review) will get you a honeycomb that pushes you a step further towards the next stage.

Previously campaign have been centered on Burt’s Bees Skincare, Tonka XT Toy Cars, Glade scented candles and Hill’s Science Diet Pet Food.



Recently started in the United Kingdom, TRND helps product testing projects for various perfumes, chocolates, gadgets and a lot more.

When you write a report, you receive a personalized response from one of the “trndsters” at HQ, appreciating you for your input. You will also be rewarded with wombats for every report and you can keep tabs on them from your “mytrnd” page. I believe that the reason behind this is to show you and TRND how much effort you have invested in your campaigns.

I participated in the first UK campaign that was regarding 007 For Her. My packet had a 30 ml perfume bottle, loads of samples, questionnaires and the project booklet. I dived right into it writing a review on amazon, composing conversation reports, composing a post on my personal blog and uploading numerous photos of my friends and colleagues giving the new scent a try.


Tesco Orchard:

This is Tesco’s dedicated product testing board providing its members a chance to experiment their new items. They send out coupons that can be reclaimed in stores. Testers normally get extra-money off coupons to give their friends and family too.

I received two packets of their Tesco Finest Pasta for absolutely free by utilizing a 3.40 coupon courtesy of Tesco Orchard. As a part of their programme, I composed two reviews, tweeted and composed two conversation reports too.

They have initiated two other campaigns since then, one is for steak while other is for ice-cream. Unfortunately I was not given an invitation to participate in either of those! I have been given the opportunity to be a part of the Tesco Summer Berries and Cherries programme though that doesn’t sound too bad.


The Insiders:

The Insiders is a group that has its network spread across Europe and helps in marketing of different products. Some past campaigns include Carte Noire Coffee Capsules, Purina Pet Food, Unibond Moisture Absorber and LePage Superglue.

By finishing the activities, the testers are awarded with points that can be traded for cash. This is genuinely a good deal as not a lot of other authentic testing organizations give money on top of free products.

Presently, the project is about the LG G4 smart phones. The Insiders are recruiting 200 people that want to test out the phone but you are required to return the phone as the duration of the campaign ends. A 250 caution is asked of you that mean you give your bank details and consent that you can be charged upto 250 in case you damage the cellphone or do not give it back at the end of the campaign for any reason. This left a bad taste in my mouth so I did not go for it.

I haven’t joined any campaign with Insider yet but I have an eye out for any campaign in the near future.


Savvy Circle

This is the VIP product testing team inside SuperSavvyMe. Sign up with a free account with SuperSavvyMe, only then you would be able to qualify to join SavvyCircle. Every now and then, new campaign is released and you will be updated about them. Register for the ones that you are interested in and await their response to see if you are in. The products are always by Product and Gamble.

I was invited on my first campaign fairly recently and I got my free package too which were two spray bottles of Viakal. The package also included a project booklet. My bathroom and kitchen will be spotless clean while I get on with the review.

It is encouraged that testers leave their remarks and upload photos regularly on the project blog and also compose conversation reports and reviews.


Other Product Testing Clubs and Companies:

Numerous brands have developed their personal dedicated testing clubs. Following are the few examples:

Lush – Your shot at trying out scented body products for absolutely free. You can email Lush and request to be on their waiting list.

Schwarzkopf – Keep an eye out as they publish an ad every now and then when they are recruiting for their VIP Testers club.

Boots Review Panel – Fill in your details for your shot at being accepted and becoming the part of the panel and get new health and beauty items.

St. Moriz VIP – You can be the first to use St. Moriz self-tanning products even before they are available in stores by providing your details on their website. You will be registered for their mailing lists but you will be required wait a little before you get the news of free products to test.

If there is some product that you are really interested in, look for the contact details and email them directly requesting information and asking if they run any product testing initiative.


How to Excel:

1 – Enhance your chances of getting accepting on a project by completing the maximum number of surveys as possible.

2 – While on a campaign, take part and be as active as you possibly can to demonstrate how good you are at getting your message across.  This will enhance your chances of getting accepted onto other campaigns.

3 – If you have a personal blog, a Twitter account and a lot of other social platforms, it will give you increased chances of participating.

4 – Don’t go around accepting the offers that you aren’t interested in. You will only waste your time in those. Wait for something that excites you and put all your efforts in that project.

5 – Maintain highest level of professionalism. Keep your grammar and spelling accurate and photos nice and meaningful. Few brands will utilize quotations and pictures provided by the testers to market their product.


Be careful of Scams:

If a product testing organizations requires a membership fee, think if it worth it. There are a lot of, free of cost, reputed organizations accessible so paying to be a part of one is not necessary.

Scrutinize the company’s privacy policy. If there is a note which says they might share your information with third parties, don’t register. You will get so much spams and marketing emails that would be next to impossible to put a break on. As they say “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. Gifts like iPhones and expensive coffee machines suggest that the organization is just using expensive gifts as bait to lure people in.


Try it for yourself:

If the post sparked your interest, register for one of the above mentioned product testing yourself. Keep in mind that you answer maximum surveys to enhance your chances of being accepted. Most importantly have fun with it. You can leave your comments in the box regarding your product testing experiences.




How To Get Your Hands On The Best Free Stuff

Between the cost of living and the flat economy, many more people are looking for free stuff to furnish their homes and lives, or perhaps to sell on a website or at a flea market. If you’re determined to get your hands on the goods, at no charge, read on!

The Classifieds

Right in your neighborhood, there are people looking to unload all kinds of free stuff. They will likely put an add in the local paper, indicating what the items being given away are and when and where someone could pick them up. Be the early bird, to get this worm, though, as you’re not alone in your search for free, usable stuff. Call right at nine in the morning, unless the add gives you a specific time to reach the person. Otherwise, you are likely to be told that the free items have already been given away.

Online Sites For Recycling

People are, by nature, resourceful. They know that landfills are spilling over and that good items can still be used by others. Look online for these sites and see what you can find. The site should list items by category, so if, for example, you need a new bike for your little one, try searching “toys” or “bikes”. You will need to sign-up, but don’t give out too much of your information unless you’ve done some research on the site. An email confirmation is all you should need to search, but different sites have different rules regarding direct contact between individuals. Also, some online places might allow you to trade goods, so be aware of what you have in stock in your own garage or basement, in case a fair trade can be made.

Yard-Sailing After Hours

Right when yard sales are pulling in the tables, you can probably score a load of free stuff. The sellers have likely been out all day trying to hawk their goods, but once they close up shop, they’ve got to pack everything back up or take it in the house. To avoid such a hassle, many simply start to give the things away at no charge. Roam around the streets of your neighborhood during the day on weekends, looking for yard sales. Take not of the hours of operation posted on signs, then show up a few minutes after closing. Be discreet and polite, and you could score big!

Pull Up A Truck

If you’ve got a vehicle good for hauling, consider how cleaning up a site could benefit the owner, along with all the free stuff you might get in the process. Landlords and other property owners don’t have time to sift out items of value from loads of junk, so if you offer to haul it out, you inherit everything, lock, stock and barrel. Choose your assignments carefully and bring a friend along. You obviously don’t want to waste your time or throw your back out, but there are endless sights in need of quick clearing out with unlimited potential for fantastic and free stuff.

Finding free and useful items is very gratifying, and if you’re diligent and careful about it, you could quickly furnish your home or stock up on things to sell yourself. Develop a good eye for judgement and look in all the places listed here. Chances are good you’ll score big!

Planning to set up a review blog? Here is how!

Underneath are a bunch of questions answered by one of my friends who has a successful product reviewing blog running by himself and he is happy to share with us his valuable knowledge gained over years of experience.

What is in it for the blogger?

Yes you may have a couple of good reasons yourself but read on to find a more thorough perspective.

Original content

When you write about your thoughts and perspective of a product you generate original content. You become the supplier of useful information. That is something valuable for both the reader and the blogger.

High search engine value

There are multiple reasons to say so. i) Quality reviews attract more readers ii) when you write reviews you automatically use different key words that have low competition, so a good purpose is served for you indirectly without any extra efforts iii) with the passage of time you’ll have an elaborate collection of Search Engine friendly content and last but not least iv) other than people who read reviews to gather information prior making a purchase, there is a huge target audience for product review websites, forums and blogger and email senders that will provide link to your review in their posts.

Expand your earnings

The advertisement that you placed on your website can be of further use if you want to increase your income. Review that very product and place the associated link at the bottom. Keep it honest so that a review can keep its originality from the advertisement

What is in it for the companies?


Durable advertisement

A promo published in a magazine has a short life span. As soon as the next edition gets published the previous one is trashed. Your website will contain their product review for as long as it exists. Not only will the readers keep seeing it on the search engine archives also you’ll link back your fresh posts when needed to the old ones.

Cost effective advertisement

It costs the company almost nothing. All they have to do is send the particular product and the costs of reviewing writing software conversion and uploading etc. are all on you. You get there word out and get paid in the form of a single piece of their product.

Stay current with the audience

The whole retail game is turning online at high speed and an online review is right where there are buyers and hence a sale.

How to receive a product to review

If you are a beginner (which you probably are since you are reading this post) you would have to keep your patience.

Find a pattern

Carry out a thorough research and look for the companies in your niche that get their reviews done on every website. You are more likely to get a response from them. Especially pay attention to their products that are not as much reviewed.

Contact the company

Email should be your primary focus but snail mail and fax are not to be ignored either. Once receive a response keep in touch, keep the whole conversation updated, show you are serious about your business.

What a good review is like?

Properly outline the audience that’ll be benefited by the product also those who are not as likely to be benefited.

Keep it honest and detailed discuss all the aspects based on facts and not just the good ones. In reality nothing can be perfect.

Important note

Never forget to mention the freebies. A full disclosure is important legally and ethically.


Top Free Boxes of Samples Hotspots

Get Boxes Stuffed Full of Awesome Samples for FREE in the Mail!

Who doesn’t love getting free samples in the mail? Well, imagine getting box-loads of them! Chalk-full of coupons, free samples, and sometimes even full-sized products. Yes, it’s all free, but, you’ll need to do a little easy legwork for them, like writing reviews, filling out forms, or even just tweeting. Quick! Check out these top FREE boxes of samples hotspots:


1)  PINCHme

A good place to start is PINCHme. This free sample program ships out boxes of their customizable products on a monthly basis. Simply fill out a profile, so they know exactly what your preferences are, but make sure to answer all the profile questions to maximize your chances of receiving as many free samples as possible.

An interesting option they encourage at PINCHme is to submit feedback on their sample products. In doing so, you increase the likelihood of receiving even MORE free samples in the future.


2)  Influenster

Are you a social butterfly per chance? We have one word for you: Influenster. Their free stuff program is simple: the more social you are, the more samples you get. That means, the more a person talks about and shares information about their boxes, the more free sample boxes they’ll end up receiving.

The cute thing about Influenster is that their boxes always have a feature product or theme. Their ever popular, ever clever, “VoxBox” celebrates a specific theme, holiday, or season. How fun!

All you have to do is write reviews about the products you’ve tried in order to get some free sample boxes. Once your box arrives, you can go online to complete certain tasks. Increase your chances of getting more of their stuff by continually completing those tasks.


3)  Smiley360

Go on a Smiley360 “mission” by sharing on social media all about their boxes of free full-sized products and samples. Again, you’ll need to fill out a profile as they base what you receive on your likes. Smiley360 also sends out surveys you’ll need to complete for further missions. Accept your mission and receive an awesome box full of free stuff! Remember, more surveys equals more missions, which equals more stuff!


4)  BzzAgent

BzzAgent wants you to spread the “bzz” about their freebies by sending you their sample boxes. Be in the know by checking out their site frequently and fill out any available surveys. You can also be deemed a “good match” for one of their sample boxes, which they’ll send right over.

There will be some tasks to complete once you receive your BzzAgent box in the mail. It varies from posting on Twitter to talking about their products to a buddy in person. Increase the “bzz,” increase the boxes.


5)  House Party and Chatterbox

In my opinion, the best place for freebie sample boxes is House Party and Chatterbox. They’re super easy to get, and they don’t oblige you to share online about their stuff.

House Party wants YOU to have a party by giving you their free stuff to promote a service, product, or, GET THIS, even a T.V. show! That box can contain anything from decorations, samples to hand out, products to try, and loads of other cool stuff to make any party a blast.

With Chatterbox it’s slightly different. No party is required. Instead, they just send out their boxes of freebies for you and your friends to try. Ordinarily, it comes with coupons to pass out as well.


6)  SampleSource

SampleSource sends out their free sample boxes quarterly under their sampling program. It’s a bit hush, hush, though. You need to sign up with them to be notified as to when you can order them since they do not advertise when they will be available.

Register over at SampleSource, it’s easy, and request information on their boxes. Normally, once you order them, they take just a few weeks to get to you.

Online Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff. This is something many companies know very well. Finding freebies on the internet can be easy and enjoyable. Usually these freebies fall into several categories that will help you track them down.

There are many sites such as MegaFreeStuff and ilovefreebies out there. These websites track the latest freebies and tell you how to get them. These sites are usually run off of user submissions and due to their popularity the freebies do not tend to last very long.

The next type of site is reddit or other forums. Here users submit their freebies and they are instantly viewable. You can usually subscribe to these sites to get information directly to your email and get the most of the offered freebies.

Most of the freebies offered on sites like this will be physical items of coupons. You will need to be comfortable giving you address to the companies offering these free promotions to get access to them. This is actually what you are trading to the companies to get your free items.

I have received everything from food to full sized shampoo and conditioner from these sites. My favorite thing to receive is children’s book which scholastic and other companies offer on a regular basis. On reddit some users swear they haven’t had to buy a t-shirt in years because of promo t-shirts.

The next type of freebie site are sites that give away samples on a set schedule. Samplesource and Pinchme are good examples of this style of site. You sign up for these sites and generally get an e-mail when they have items to give away. Often they ask you to review the items that you receive in return for shipping them to you.

Sites like this are usually first come first served and they sell out rather fast. Improving your profile or giving lots of feedback can give you a better chance at receiving free items on these sites with minimal effort.

Sites like recycle bank give you free magazine subscriptions. These sites ask you to watch short videos, click through slide shows, or visit the site on certain days to get points you can use towards subscriptions. These sites actually give you the most choice out of most freebie sites. You can choose which items you want and when you want to get them making them a good source for gifts and the like.

You can also get e-books, apps, and other online items for free. Reddit and other sites often track these items as they go up for free letting you know when to grab them. These are usually limited deals that last a day or two and let you pick up an item you have been looking at for a while.

If you are a regular internet user getting freebies is easy and can be fun. With so many options out there you can ensure you have a steady source of free items without too much work. Even the items that ask you for reviews usually take less than 2-3 minutes of your time.